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MYPS Download - Goku - 2008-05-30

I'm very UPSET that tough MyBB is a Free Software. So I think all the MODS should be FREE Sad

But I cant download MYPS from MyBBCentral. They are charging for it Sad I think this is bad. If someone has and want to share it with me then you can do so happyly.

But really everything should be FREE.....

RE: MYPS Download - incadudeF - 2008-05-30

You better close this thread before The author of myps finds it. he will get pissed off.

All you have to do is find a better plugin thats FREE. I would suggest Myplaza. It works great and im my opinion alot better.

also dont forget to thank the author.

theres the download link and a great forum that gives you free suppport.

RE: MYPS Download - Ryan Loos - 2008-05-30

It's been discussed:

Please support the authors by paying for their plugins, and do not ask for others to give it to you.