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RE: XMB Forum - repent - 2005-11-22

Chris Boulton Wrote:Indeed it's planned and indeed XMB will most likely be the first official converter using the import system - Just because I feel users would like to move to MyBB from XMB quite easily Wink

Any updates on this? I have been using MyBB on my families site, and I really like it, I would love to convert my XMB Gaming Forum over to MyBB.


RE: XMB Forum - Kodaks - 2005-11-23

If you are using XMB version 1.5 Silver/Gold, you can convert your board to phpBB using the following convertor:

Then you can convert the phpBB board to MyBB using the following convertor:

Please remember to backup all files before doing any conversions. I hope this helps!

RE: XMB Forum - repent - 2005-11-25

I'm using XMB 1.9.1 Nexus, I may just install a fresh MyBB and start over, my forum has been fairly dead lately. My forum stats are:
584 topics / 5909 posts / 94 members

But as I said, in the last few months it's been declining.

RE: XMB Forum - trecco - 2006-06-12

Hi, i'm new here and sorry about my english - it isn't perfect Smile

So if got a question..

I'm the Administrator of the website (swiss bike community). We have currently a forum (XMB Nexus 1.9.3) on our Website (

106100 posts
4793 topics
31 forums (31 active)
2838 members

The Problem is that it has after each update more bugs. That sucks and I searched for alternatives like myBB.

Now i will update to myBB or first copy the database and test a migration.
So currently, i'm in the same situation like "repent" was.

Is there a good way / exists a script to migrate from XMB to myBB?
@repent: Did you made the migration?

Musicalmidget Wrote:I believe an XMB converter will be developed after the next release of MyBB. I don't know if there are any third party converters currently in the making.
--> Has this XMB converter been developed?

Thanks for each answer that helps me

RE: XMB Forum - xiaozhu - 2006-06-12

Hello Trecco,

I don't think a XMB converter has been developed yet.

You might want to try, XMB -> phpBB -> MyBB

The list of converters is here.