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Whisper code - spiderfish - 2008-07-30

Is there any mycode or a plug in that would hide text from everybody except the user / users you specify. I think I have seen this called a whisper in other places, but can find nothing here.

RE: Whisper code - JonathanP - 2008-08-05

you mean hide text from guests?

RE: Whisper code - spiderfish - 2008-08-05

(2008-08-05, 03:48 AM)indigored Wrote: you mean hide text from guests?
no I would like to be able to hide a message from all user except one. so if I had something special I wanted to tack on a message for you I could put a tag on it and it would only be visible for you.

It would be for a game site where part of the post would be for everybody and part would be for the individual players.