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[Close Tags] - Jakeish - 2008-08-03


Not sure if this has been posted anywhere but I didn't see anything when I had a quick look around. Probably the wrong place to post it too Toungue

Is there a way to get tags to automatically close themselves or do you always have to click the tag or close tags after using one.


RE: [Close Tags] - Zash - 2008-08-03

Well wouldn't this actually be bad because then they might close when the poster doesn't want them to. I don't think this is even possible because a script can't predict when a user wants to close a tag.

RE: [Close Tags] - Jakeish - 2008-08-03

Could it not be done like in vBulletin where it puts the opening and closing tag in when you click the code button

RE: [Close Tags] - Yumi - 2008-08-04

If you select a piece of text, it'll automatically be surrounded (and closed) with the appropriate tags.