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Points/Money mod 1.4 - downsy007 - 2008-08-05

can someone post the mod for points/money mod 1.4 please thanks

RE: Points/Money mod 1.4 - SarumanX - 2008-08-05

i really need this too..
i am just waiting something like this to change my forum to mybb..
i was making it mybb 1.2, but 1.4 was released..
and in this mod the admin can configure to receive X points in Y forum.


RE: Points/Money mod 1.4 - Imad Jomaa - 2008-08-05

I believe Myplaza is compatible with it, but not too sure; check with ZInga.

RE: Points/Money mod 1.4 - Yumi - 2008-08-06

MyPlaza hasn't been updated (and probably won't be for a while). People are free to dismantle/edit/whatever with the code though.

RE: Points/Money mod 1.4 - labrocca - 2008-08-06

MYPS is 1.4 released at Mybb Central.

I will have EXTENSIVE amount of addons for myps coming this year. RPG's, betting systems, casino games, and more...