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[DEV*] My.B.Board Professional - Ryan Stewart - 2008-08-06

I am currently finishing developing my first theme made available for download soon. It is called My.B.Board Professional, and is based of the IPB version.

I am still finishing things off, but overall you get the idea of it. Please sign up to the forum link below as it will host all my themes I make all for free! A live demo of the development of My.B.Board Professional is running at the link below.

Check it out! >
Also, if you would like to see anythings I havn't already got, please do suggest them. The more ideas I get into this, the better it will be.

Users ideas count, and you will be thanked in the copyright.

RE: [DEV*] My.B.Board Professional - Ferron - 2008-08-07

Are you still making the postbit and "english" buttons? Because they need to be made to suit the theme. The blue looks out of place. Also don't forget to update the on-off icons to fit the theme too.

RE: [DEV*] My.B.Board Professional - flash.tato - 2008-08-07

Very professional looking theme. Wink

RE: [DEV*] My.B.Board Professional - Ryan Stewart - 2008-08-07

I am currently working on images, so you may see a releasein an hour or tomorrow. =]

Thanks for your comment flash.tato
Please remember that people registered at the site will get the theme first when released. Probably through e-mail =]

RE: [DEV*] My.B.Board Professional - burnz3r0 - 2008-08-07

Hmmmm... Its not very image intensive... or you haven't updated.