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Online today - PeteSa - 2008-08-16

Is it possible to provide a total of ALL users (registered and unregistered) who've visited your forum today? A sort of list of IP addresses but as I say, including unregistered visits? I know you've produced the excellent "Online Today" and "Adstats" plugins (which as I say, are excellent), but is there a way to depict a total of unregistered users as well? Only reason I ask, is that older versions (1.29) used to have this feature.

Thank you

RE: Online today - Yumi - 2008-08-16

You can try this:
1) Run the Daily Cleanup task from the AdminCP
2) View the sessions table (via phpMyAdmin or whatever SQL client you prefer)

RE: Online today - PeteSa - 2008-08-16

The "session" table depicts IP, time of visit, location visited, their browser type and a few other statistics but as I asked, is it possible to add a total of all visitors (unregistered and registered) within the last 24 hours? Preferably as a number depicted on the actual forum, not having to view the raw data and count them up.