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Show First Post [1.4] - dkrig - 2008-08-21

Have not found this useful plugin for 1.4 originally written by Jasiu so ported it by myself.

Allows to display first post of the thread on the top every page fot this thread.

There are no changes in functionality, only fixes to work with 1.4.x and minor template modification.
- Adds "Pin/Unpin First Post" to Moderation Options
- Adds "Auto Pin First Post" to "First Post Mod Settings" in Admin CP
- Adds "Auto Pin First Post In All Forums" to "First Post Mod Settings" in Admin CP

# 1.4.4
+ Added "Auto Pin First Post In All Forums" option in plugin settings

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - Dalton - 2008-08-21

Thanks, I'll test out when my forums start to work..

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - aglioeolio - 2008-08-22

nice idea to give an option to Pin / Unpin first post

thanks for your effort

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - pickleman9686 - 2008-08-22

hey tried it out it works great! Thanks for your work!

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - clocktower - 2008-08-23

cheers Smile

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - dkrig - 2008-12-06

You can add all forums to "Auto Pin First Post" for now.

If are familiar to MyBB API you can add new setting - "Pin First Post For All Forums" checkbox and check if this option is selected. And if you are not programmer - I'll add this option on this weekend, when I'll have some free time.

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - dkrig - 2008-12-08

You may download updated version in first post.
Just deactivate plugin, and activate again ("Auto Pin First Post" setting value will be lost!).

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - arineod - 2009-10-19

Nice work!

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - panayot - 2018-11-01

Newer versions of the plugin can be found here:

RE: Show First Post [1.4] - v_2 - 2018-11-08

(2018-11-01, 03:48 PM)panayot Wrote: Newer versions of the plugin can be found here:

The new version PINS the FIRST POST on subsequent pages as it is intended,
but, there's still a BUG that has not been fixed....

Bug description:
If Show thread option is set to example "5 Posts Per Page":
And a thread has "11 REPLIES"
First post on FIRST PAGE is LISTED as #1
but, on pageĀ  2, it's LISTED as #11 , even tho its still PINNED at TOP of thread
on page 3, its LISTED as #13, even tho its PINNED at TOP on the page.

See it in action here:
see attachments

....on your own screen shot, you can see the first post is IDed as post #12, and its above #11 , on your second page.

Why does this bug needs fix ?
Because, if another user has their view settings at 10 Posts per page, the FIRST post will have different IDed number on subsequent pages, than those whom has their view settings to 15 posts per page, and 20 posts per page, etc.