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guest access 1.4 - pripatel93 - 2008-08-28

hello, i was wondering if the owner of this plugin or any other plugin maker who can make a similar plugin as this.
with this plugin you can restrict the amount of thread views a guest can have before they are asked to register

i used this for mybb 1.2.* but sincei have updated to 1.4 it doesnt allow me to use it. Sad well thatsm a bit obvious Toungue

is there anyone who can update this or can make one??? Heart

RE: guest access 1.4 - OceanLove - 2008-08-28

I wish so too..

RE: guest access 1.4 - Nickman - 2008-08-29

It's available at MyBB Source Smile

RE: guest access 1.4 - pripatel93 - 2008-08-29

really? for version 1.4?

RE: guest access 1.4 - KiLLMasTer - 2008-08-29

yes you can get it off of Mybb Source