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Subforums Bug! - Sodacake - 2005-09-20

This is a very irritating bug i've found on my forum. That being that when I or any other member of my forum makes a new post in a subforum of one of the forums on my board, the forum doesn't show any indication of there being a new post in the sub forum and doesn't say there is any.

See? And if you don't believe me, here is another screen I took of the posts in the subforums.

Please help me with this problem. How are users supposed to know there are new posts?

RE: Subforums Bug! - Sodacake - 2005-09-20

great support >_>

RE: Subforums Bug! - Michael S. - 2005-09-21

Flaw Wrote:great support >_>
Please note that the support is free and that it is offered by people that do that in their free time...Besides your post is just 6 hours old, that's not much...

I'm not sure if it is a bug. The last post column shows the last post in the specific forum. Actually, there is no post in the forum "Sony" for example because only the subforums contain posts.

RE: Subforums Bug! - The_Altered1 - 2005-09-21

would be interesting if a small image appeared next to the sub-forums name in the parent forum. Cool

RE: Subforums Bug! - Chris Boulton - 2005-09-21

If you have PHPMyAdmin installed can you take a screenshot showing the 'parentlist' column for the subform?

Also, if you've moved subforums around a bit whilst editing other information and such try going to the subforum in the Admin CP forum manager and just updating it (without changing anything else).


RE: Subforums Bug! - Sodacake - 2005-09-21

Thanks, I will try the PHPMyAdmin now. Question, would it be a table called "mybb_parentlist"?

RE: Subforums Bug! - Michael S. - 2005-09-21

It's in the table mybb_forums. There's the colum "pid" which contains the ID of the parent forum.

RE: Subforums Bug! - Sodacake - 2005-09-22



RE: Subforums Bug! - Sodacake - 2005-09-24


RE: Subforums Bug! - Chris Boulton - 2005-09-25

Sorry about this - I haven't been around for the past two days properly.

I've sent you a PM containing my email address - could you, using PHPMyAdmin, create an SQL dump of the mybb_forums table and attach it to an email to me?