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Plugin system and the postbit - tnl2k7 - 2008-10-24

Forgive me if this seems like a really noobish question, but I'm honestly confused as to how to do this.

Basically I've written a basic plugin which works fine, but what I'd like to do is add a field to the user information to the right of the post (postbit?), where all of the warning level, post and join date information is. I've looked through the MyBB wiki but have failed epically to find a way to do this - any ideas?

I'd like to emphasise the fact that I'm not writing a mod, I'd prefer to use the plugin system because of the obvious benefits with ease of upgrading in the future. Using v1.4.2 currently.


RE: Plugin system and the postbit - Dennis Tsang - 2008-10-24

You'll need to use the find_replace_templatesets to to add your variables to the postbit_author_user

You should run your find_replace_templatesets in the activation function to add your custom postbit variables, then run it again in the deactivation function to remove them.

RE: Plugin system and the postbit - tnl2k7 - 2008-10-24

Thanks! Also, incredibly fast replies - another reason MyBB is the best forum software ever; you guys rock Toungue