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[Release] MyBB November - lorddonk - 2008-11-03

[Image: logonj3.gif]
MyBB November v.1 by Lorddonk

Release Notes
This is my personal favorite theme yet! (I hope to complete a button set for it soon). MyBB November is a natural, somber theme composed of soothing chocolate browns with a little touch of mint. MyBB November is a nice cozy, readable theme perfect to add to your forums as we await the coming Winter months! Enjoy!

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States listed in full, here.

Additional Terms
-You may not modify, remove, cover up, or attempt to hide the author link back to me in the footer.
-You may use this theme for commercial work, but selling of this theme itself is prohibited.

Instructions can be found in the included README file.

Click here

(MyBB Mods)

Please leave your comments! I am doing a theme for each month of the year, be sure to check out MyBB October as well! Smile

RE: [Release] MyBB November - siopk - 2008-11-03

nice one i'm 1st to say thanks good job this theme

RE: [Release] MyBB November - Jamie T - 2008-11-03

wow looks cool bud