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<snip> - nimda - 2008-11-04

A forum related to computer security, hacking, general discussion, download section and more. Dont need to verfiy your email. just sign in and post.


we still a small community
but we need more active members and posters.

first person to get 200 post and invites 5 people will get
1Year godaddy hosting and a domain of your name.

contact me

:shade: :shade:

RE: <snip> - Imad Jomaa - 2008-11-04

Why do you keep reposting it?

RE: <snip> - labrocca - 2008-11-04

He obviously thinks this is the place to gain members. It's not. At best you get some useful comments about your site.

RE: <snip> - Ryan Gordon - 2008-11-04

Banned - His forum hosts illegal content and I've already contacted him via PM about it. Not to mention this appears to be his second account after being banned the first time.