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AdminQuest Community - Shawn Gossman - 11-29-2008

I'd like everyone to review my forum admin community:

Please give me your ideas, comments and suggestions whether positive or negative. Please also review my logo, I just created it and I am horrible at graphic design but I kind of think this one looks good!

RE: AdminQuest Community - brad-t - 11-29-2008

It still looks horrible, sorry to say. As an administrator, I couldn't take your site seriously.

RE: AdminQuest Community - Shawn Gossman - 11-29-2008

What is horrible about it?

RE: AdminQuest Community - brad-t - 11-29-2008

The fonts are unprofessional and childish and the background doesn't match the rest of the background of the header. Also, the theme isn't really customized at all, which is something I would expect for a site for administrators.

RE: AdminQuest Community - Shawn Gossman - 11-29-2008

Thank you for your opinions, Brad. Your feedback helps!

RE: AdminQuest Community - Sakia - 11-30-2008

The overall look is just... low quality. 3 / 10 for the theme & banner.

RE: AdminQuest Community - spaceinvaders - 11-30-2008

Change the 'AdminQuest' font colour and face that suits the font used by the majority of the theme, also make it straight and not slanted for a more professional look. Also consider changing the font face of the 'Forum Administrators Community' to match the 'AdminQuest' and make it alot smaller so it doesn't take away the focus of your forum name.

RE: AdminQuest Community - Claire - 11-30-2008

Only things I don't like are the theme and the member legend.

Are all those groups really needed?
As for the theme, why not create your own theme?

RE: AdminQuest Community - zero_X - 11-30-2008

Uhm :/ I don't like the logo.
Maybe this can help you Big Grin, or learn some photoshop, the rest is fine.

RE: AdminQuest Community - Shawn Gossman - 12-01-2008

Thanks for the link. I need to find me a good graphic designer!
If I may, I want to announce a new contest I have created at: