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McDC++ forum - Martin M. - 2005-10-06

Well then I post here aswell then. This is my forum then. I have used a few plugins and some modifications for RC4 and updated them a bit and done some ugly hacks myself. haha. I think it works good. Hope you like it.


RE: McDC++ forum - Bill - 2005-10-06

The logo is broken in my IE (it is too high).

RE: McDC++ forum - Martin M. - 2005-10-06

I know. IE sucks. It works great in FF tho. But I'm gonna fix it soon. (When I'm not in bed tired like hell, I hate IE I'm thinking off making an Hate IE page).

But else what do you think?

RE: McDC++ forum - k776 - 2005-10-06

I like it (although the logo cuts off one of the links). Its also nice to see my Custom Page mod being used Big Grin

RE: McDC++ forum - Martin M. - 2005-10-06

Hehe. I love your Custom Page Mod Big Grin

logo cuts off? Which resolution do you have? Bah diden't think off that. hihi.

//Edit 1: Well I fixed the links but now someone screwed up my adresse so.
//Edit 2: Up again.

RE: McDC++ forum - Lee69 - 2005-10-06

Nice, is mcDC++ popular?

RE: McDC++ forum - Martin M. - 2005-10-06

Thanks. I have no clue Wink I just do the programming for it when i got time.
Latly I haven't got that much time because I have had loads todo on many pages.

//Fixed the logo in IE. But I think I'm gonna make another logo. It sucks Toungue

RE: McDC++ forum - Martin M. - 2006-09-19

Upgraded to 1.2 and redesigned the whole skin =)
Using icons from, as MyBB does. And some of my own creations. Aswell as buttons made by Jag100. I'm not that good with making of graphics. Although I do know a bit about html/xhtml/css and so on.
I've been changing alot of templates actually.

Also changed the url, the other will work as I use .htaccess to redirect them,

RE: McDC++ forum - PWRseth - 2006-10-01

Looks really nice. Easy on the eyes. Good Job.

RE: McDC++ forum - sirtokealot - 2007-12-18

it looks good from where im sitting, not too in your face, well done.