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You can discuss:

Web Design

All sorts and with a great arcade, VIP to come its worth signing up for.
If your interested in a general forum with a relaxed community, laxte is the place for you!

RE: - lufbra - 12-14-2008

It's weird, you don't supply a proper link to your forum, so I did a search for through Google. I didn't see any links to a forum, but did notice this after clicking on one of the links...

Quote:MyBB Community Forums
MyBB Community Forums > General Discussion > Showcase >
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10-15-2008, 03:49 AM
Running on the latest version of MyBB.

Popular hacking discussion board, warez downloads, technology discussions, gaming and general discussion.

With a quality style, newly opened, VIP subscriptions and much more to offer, its excellent.

Enjoy the board.
MyBB Community Forums > General Discussion > Showcase >

Funnily enough in your first post you don't mention anything about warez downloads, I wonder why?

RE: - x_Stricken_x - 12-14-2008

Most of the warez sites don't unless they have a big userbase - as they can trust their users not to narc on them. Meh, what a big shock! hah..

RE: - Combo - 12-14-2008 it used to be a hacking/warez section and the forum hasn't be updated on Google. for proof...