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DZ inK - zinzaezhueuh - 12-23-2008

DZ inK is mainly going to be a graphic arts + discussion forum. It is fairly new so there are some bugs still. If you get an error, refresh the page or wait a minute or so then try again (trying to fix that).

The link is:

Things to know::
-I did not make the theme, look at the copywrite
-In the discussion section: video games, there is a subforum that says legal "hacks".... keep in mind that these aren't illegal and DO NOT hack ant software, they arent warez, just another way to say game mods
-The logo looks wrong/cut off: Im fixing that.....
-DZ inK stands for Dutchman & Zin's Graphic Arts Incorporated...the "inK" part is a play on wordsBig Grin



RE: DZ inK - brad-t - 12-24-2008

[Image: logo2.gif]

If you don't even know how to make a logo without cutting the shadows off, perhaps owning a graphics forum is not for you.

Also, as a graphics forum it's pretty lazy of you to use an uncustomized theme ...

RE: DZ inK - zinzaezhueuh - 12-24-2008

I'm getting the feel of it still and I know I skewed up on the logo, and I'm fixing that. The logo is only temporary and I don’t know how to make a custom theme and I'm learning.
I'm very good at graphic arts, thank you very much, and most of the time I know what I'm doing, but humans aren’t perfect, which means we mess up here and there.
It will also be very nice if you could read the "Things to Know" list that I oh-so-nicely put under the link.
~~Done with rant~~


RE: DZ inK - Matt - 12-24-2008

(12-24-2008, 04:47 PM)zinzaezhueuh Wrote: Oh ya: be less critical please!

I'll just step in and say that the main point of the showcase forum is for people to give comments and be critical about your forum. If you don't want to be given negative comments, don't showcase your forum, and save all the arguments. If you're willing to showcase your forum, you have to be willing to accept all comments, good or bad, otherwise, wouldn't be much point in the forum. If all people said was 'Yeah I like it', it'd be a bit pointless.

That's all I'll say.

RE: DZ inK - zinzaezhueuh - 12-24-2008

Ok. I'm sorry. Sad
It's just that I allready said that I knew about the logo, so people wont nag about it Confused .
I took out the useless bolds and italics, aswell as the stupid "Oh ya: be less critical please!" part, Thx MattR.


I remade the logo... it still needs to be edited*, but at least it looks desent
*= small text, border too obvious, etc (little things)

EDIT (again)::

I fully remade my logo, I dont care what anyone has to say about it, at least you know what site your at Toungue

RE: DZ inK - JohnMac - 12-25-2008

Post some of your graphics, id like to see what you can do... Banners, custom work, what is it?

I posted some of my work earlier.

RE: DZ inK - brad-t - 12-25-2008

That logo looks pretty bad. It's really jagged.

FYI, if you aren't ready to show something off, don't post it in Showcase.

RE: DZ inK - zinzaezhueuh - 01-03-2009

Realy, are you done Brad?
I'm new to this and all, but that doesnt mean I dont know what I'm doing. A website is never "finished", you should know that.

OOOOO, you dont like my logo? Well... TOO BAD, Brad!
(lol, that rhymed!)

I would really be happy if people joined a bit, because the only reason my site is boring-looking is because no one's there! If there were more people, I think my site would be a little bit more interesting than it is now...

RE: DZ inK - lufbra - 01-03-2009

Quote:I would really be happy if people joined a bit, because the only reason my site is boring-looking is because no one's there! If there were more people, I think my site would be a little bit more interesting than it is now

Since it's you who decided to start the forum, it should be you adding stuff to it to make it more interesting....You have to add stuff to it to attract folks to it, you can't just make a forum and hope folks join and add content, you have to make it interesting to begin with, then folks are more likely to join. Smile

RE: DZ inK - zinzaezhueuh - 01-03-2009

I like graphic arts here and there, and I also like the idea for the discussion board--so do my friends, too. The main reason for the lack of posts/members from my school is probabily because of the Winter Break and everyone I know is in Florda which kinda sucks... but I bet my site will pick up soon... I hope...
As for interesting, I just put up a "Video Game Cheats/Walkthroughs" forum on my discussion section, maybe that will help...maybe...