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YUMI FACE smilies - Mac - 2005-10-16

I have made this 40 smilies for my forum.To use these smilies, pls email to [email protected] , let me know the address of the myyboard you are using them on, and pls write the copyright of this smilies at the bottom of your forum.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1446]

RE: YUMI FACE smilies - Paralex - 2005-10-16

Haha! Nice smileys, thanks. Big Grin

RE: YUMI FACE smilies - Omar - 2005-10-16

way better than the mybb official ones...

* Omar runs...

RE: YUMI FACE smilies - Mac - 2005-10-19

To Michael83:

Sorry, I can't use the PM in this site (maybe have some problem), I have take your message the day before, you can use this URL address :

have a good time

RE: YUMI FACE smilies - FBI - 2010-07-18

funny smiley Wink