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Live electronic music - iloveelectro - 01-04-2009

Hi I'm new here.

I am starting a forum in Germany.
It's about Live electronic music

Like I said I'm new to this so don't be expecting too much.
I'm mainly playing around to figure out how this thing works.

But I'm gonna try to change as much as possible. ESPECIALLY GRAPHICS

I will make it look like a modular synthesizer or something similar.

here some graphic previews:

Forum icons:
[Image: poti1.png]
[Image: jack1.png]
more to come...

Header icons

[Image: ferng2klein.png]
more to come...

If you want to use them for your forum, pleas do so
If you want to add it to a theme release please ask me before you do so

RE: Live electronic music - brad-t - 01-04-2009

I like the idea, but the theme needs work bro.

RE: Live electronic music - x_Stricken_x - 01-04-2009

Hm. Needs a bit of work, but it's looking decentSmile

RE: Live electronic music - iloveelectro - 01-05-2009

OK I guess the main graphic layout is done.

Take a look

it's been a long night.

RE: Live electronic music - Elegant Totality - 01-05-2009

really really kool! I like it Big Grin

RE: Live electronic music - x_Stricken_x - 01-05-2009

I like it as well!Smile

RE: Live electronic music - Imad Jomaa - 01-05-2009

The icons are enormous. Try sizing them down a bit.

RE: Live electronic music - x_Stricken_x - 01-05-2009

I just noticed that:s Wow I must be super tired lol

RE: Live electronic music - iloveelectro - 01-05-2009

Thank you for your comments..
they look perfect on my 20'' Apple Display.

I'll have a look at it on a smaller display.

I just did this tonight, so...
it's nowhere near perfect or finished.

Ideas are welcome.

I'm just bored of these "standard Layouts"
I just resized the images from 100x100 to 60x60

Looking better?

RE: Live electronic music - iloveelectro - 01-07-2009

OK I changed it a bit again...
More wood and it actually looks like single modules
The forum-icons are resized.

I'm still not happy with the header at all.

Any ideas?

The way it is now it will fit for almost every window size. but it looks quite stupid.

help is appreciated