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My bb => - Coffé and Milk - 01-17-2009

I have started my first mybb project: Rolleyes

Is a bb about cigars, puros, habanos, Montecristo, Cohiba, etc. dedicated to spanish cigars aficionados. This is no popular theme in my country, and I am surprised because my country is one of the first habanos markets of the world, but this is not reflected with a good internet presence.

Please critiquize Big Grin

I would like you to give me tips for obtain registered users, because currently we are only 4 users in 3 days (me included) Toungue

RE: My bb => - Elegant Totality - 01-17-2009

Análisis de puros cubanos seems to have too many sub-forums. And the description of the sub-forums seem too long, the page goes on too far.