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Help - nathandawe - 2009-01-24

My users say they dont recieve an email of welcome when they register

And i get this error when i go to choose an avatar, i deleted all the avatars, and uploaded different ones:

The following warnings occurred:
Warning [2] opendir(images/avatars/gallery) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory - Line: 1857 - File: usercp.php PHP 5.2.8 (Linux)
File Line Function
[PHP] errorHandler->error
/usercp.php 1857 opendir
And on the Post Pease mod, i want the message to show up on every page, not just the index.

RE: Help - Dennis Tsang - 2009-01-24

Do any other mail features work eg. Subscriptions, pm notifications, etc
Url and test acct?
Make sure you are putting the new avatars in the images/avatars/gallery folder and not images/avatar

RE: Help - Matt - 2009-01-24

(2009-01-24, 12:57 AM)nathandawe Wrote: My users say they dont recieve an email of welcome when they register

What have you set up to send them when they register.....??

RE: Help - nathandawe - 2009-01-24

I dont remember setting nything, they dont need to activate there account i know that.

RE: Help - Matt - 2009-01-24

Then what email are you expecting to be sent...?? Confused

RE: Help - nathandawe - 2009-01-24

The welcome one, like Thank you for registering etc,,

RE: Help - Matt - 2009-01-24

Correct me if I'm wrong but that isn't a default feature, you must have a plugin to do this...

RE: Help - nathandawe - 2009-01-24

Oh right ok. Plus i have a serious error, some users can sign in, some cant.

Ive merged from PHPBB, I have gad to disable the password conversion mod as that makes an error, cuiz when you login, its just a white page.

Why cant my users login.

RE: Help - Matt - 2009-01-24

They can't login because the merge plugin needs to be left active, that's why it's there.

Right now there seems to be 3 separate problems in one thread and this makes it very hard to actually give you any help. Can you clearly say what each problem you are having is, clearly separated.

RE: Help - nathandawe - 2009-01-24

When i have the password conversion enabled, when a user goes to login, they enter there pass n user, and click login, it takes them to member.php and just stays on a white screen.

When i have the password conversion disabled, some can login, and loads cant.