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MegaBBS to MYBB 1.4 - Wisowaty - 2009-02-14

Hi there:

I have searched this forum and the web up and down and seem to be stuck-

I have a current forum with MegaBBS, with an access db, and am trying to convert it to MYSQL/MYBB.

I have downloaded a tool, and was able to convert it, however none of my data shows up in MYBB. I have the forum working properly to start with MYBB, all the functions work-
However its connecting to the near-blank starting database. Has anyone had any luck making this conversion that i have missed.

I have also just tried to import the log from the access db to MYSQL, and it came up with nothing. I have a feeling there is not a correct correlation with the tables. At least those are my 3 cents

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Smile

RE: MegaBBS to MYBB 1.4 - Ryan Gordon - 2009-02-15


Our current plans don't include support for MegaBBS. One solution is if you can convert that to one of our support bulletin boards, then convert to MyBB.


RE: MegaBBS to MYBB 1.4 - Wisowaty - 2009-02-16

Thanks Ryan:

So download the merge system, I am not exactly sure when you mean support forum, can you provide a url please. Thanks a bunch for your reply, now I know Im not crazy Toungue

RE: MegaBBS to MYBB 1.4 - Matt - 2009-02-16

As in convert to a forum software that is then able to be converted to MyBB.

RE: MegaBBS to MYBB 1.4 - Joshua Mayer - 2009-02-27

You can use SMF, phpBB and a few others.