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[Release] Redzee 1.4x - Jayyy - 2009-03-07

Redzee (my first theme) Big Grin

File Details:
Description: A Simple nice looking theme for a genral forum board.
Colour Scheme: Red
Demo: Sorry no LIVE demo.

[Image: screen1.png]

Latest Version:
Version: 1.0
Built for MyBB 1.4.x
Price: $0.00

Other Infomation:
You may change the banner to whatever you like, easy to change.
If you would like to remove the ads simply go to the /header template and put your adsense code in OR remove it.

(sorry its only .rar)

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - x_Stricken_x - 2009-03-07

Looks niceSmile

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - tomdickandharry - 2009-03-07

Wow nice

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - Jayyy - 2009-03-07

Thanks Big Grin

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - WaheedI - 2009-03-07

next time , try attaching it Smile

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - Lokki - 2009-03-07

not work properly on my forum
logo does not appear, I can not change the width

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - Combo - 2009-03-07

Very nice theme, good release.

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - Jayyy - 2009-03-07

Lokki, go to global.css and edit the container width.

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - Lokki - 2009-03-08

done. Wink

RE: [Release] Redzee 1.4x - faviouz - 2009-03-08

Very simple, you should have added some gradient or gloss to the thead. It would look a lot better.
Nice job with the templates anyway.