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release [straightdarko14] - tomdickandharry - 2009-03-10

Release [straightdarko14]
1.4.4 based off of. I did everything myself. Some images stars etc are hard coded to the main images so I can't change that but I did what I could. Even greyscale buttons to match. Nothing default.

straightdarko14 v1.4.4

By: tomdickandharry

Installation Instructions:
1) Upload the included image folder to your ./images directory
2) Import included theme XML into your Admin CP > Templates & Style > Import a Theme.
3) Switch to the new theme via your User Control Panel!
4) Enjoy the new look of your forum. Smile

RE: release [straightdarko14] - brad-t - 2009-03-10

your dock is a bit full

RE: release [straightdarko14] - tomdickandharry - 2009-03-11

Ya, I know but what does that have to do with my theme?

RE: release [straightdarko14] - brad-t - 2009-03-11

nothing, just an observation

RE: release [straightdarko14] - tomdickandharry - 2009-03-11

So how is the theme?

RE: release [straightdarko14] - brad-t - 2009-03-11

The gloss looks really bad. It's not even and there's abrupt lines in it.