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Shiny Green theme - .Lou - 2005-11-09

My first ever theme. I must say, I am pretty proud of it.

To view the theme simply visit this link

The admin control panel was also modded to fit the theme. Click here for admin cp screenshot

The xml file is in the attachment and you can download the rest at these locations:

+Shiny Green Theme
+Shiny Green Admin CP

I have never made a theme before but I think that this one is okay. If anyone wants to make modifications to theme [such as make the buttons in another language] the fireworks .png files are included in the respective files in each zip. Enjoy.

All comments are appreciated!

RE: Shiny Green theme - spicyjoe - 2005-11-10

not very nice but its ok.... i'l lgive it 5/10... Big Grin

RE: Shiny Green theme - .Lou - 2005-11-10

well its my first theme. I intend on making a much better one soonSmile

RE: Shiny Green theme - Bill - 2005-11-10

Server is down

RE: Shiny Green theme - .Lou - 2005-11-10

everything is back up. I had subdomain problems

RE: Shiny Green theme - spicyjoe - 2005-11-11

oh, but good job.... every theme needs hard work... hehehehe, so every theme will be nice.... hehehehe

RE: Shiny Green theme - AboAyoob - 2005-11-15

Nice work, and very pretty changes of colors
Thanks allot

RE: Shiny Green theme - Shock260 - 2005-12-05

I'd rate it 9/10. Don't call me crazy, but its his first template, and when others make their first templates it usually just colours with only some limited images changing, so well done Lou.

- Shock260

RE: Shiny Green theme - .Lou - 2006-02-11