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RE: Ajax PM Notification - blongso - 2014-10-17

(2014-10-10, 04:51 AM)NomanProdhan Wrote: Can I use it on MyBB 1.8.0 ??


have the same question....


RE: Ajax PM Notification - Supryk - 2014-11-05

RE: Ajax PM Notification - NomanProdhan - 2014-11-07

(2014-11-05, 09:29 AM)Supryk Wrote:

I didn't understand.... Sad Is there any English version ???

Got it.............Its working fine................. thanks..........

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Eldenroot - 2014-11-07

Please I need english version or updated file for 1.8

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Supryk - 2014-11-07

in inc/plugins/ajaxpmnotice.php find

    new Ajax.Request

replace to
new $.ajax({url:\''.$mybb->settings['bburl'].'/pm.php\',type:\'get\',success:function(result){

all in all done Smile

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Eldenroot - 2014-11-15

OK, is there any way how to add a close button and notification sound when new pm arrived? I can add html code but I dont know where. Thank you

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Saint Francis - 2014-11-15

Add it in your PM temps?

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Eldenroot - 2014-11-16

OK, thx. I fixed my issue and it is working fine Smile

One more thing:
What about these suggestions? First would be nice.
1) Try to add a "x" button on top-right corner or the message box. When the user clicks it, it just closes the notification.
2) How to play notification sound only one time?
3) Instead of showing "you have one unread private message", it should be the mybb default. which is "You have one unread private message titled xxxxx from yyyyy"

xxx = title of the PM
yyy = Sender's username
Click on the link should take you to the exact message, not the private.php link.

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Ronshaan - 2014-11-20

thanks allot

is there a version for 1.8?

i have installed this on my forum
it works on all themes but not on 1point8 theme
i wonder how to make it work on it
what code is needed to make it work on it as well ?