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RE: Ajax PM Notification - Combo - 2009-04-01

(2009-03-30, 12:55 AM)Tom Loveric Wrote: No offense, but if you release an un-advertising version, I'll be sure to use it. - Tom

Or if he/she allows us to simply link back to his/her MyBB member within the footer.

(2009-03-31, 12:46 PM)Mr-Cute Wrote: its possible to update ur plugin to work with IE6 ?
cz still lot of ppl use IE6

IE6 is shocking.. I don't know many people who use IE 6, even at school we're on IE 7 and that's saying something.

RE: Ajax PM Notification - querschlaeger - 2009-04-01


maybe I should start a thread for this discussion: "Backlinks in footer caused by plugins"...

Hm, nobody has to use this plugin if he/she doesn't want a backlink. That's quite simple I think? Or isn't it? Even so I inform to this fact in a hint before someone downlod a plugin.

RE: Ajax PM Notification - brad-t - 2009-04-01

It's more like people don't want to link to a pharmaceuticals board.

RE: Ajax PM Notification - querschlaeger - 2009-04-01

Okay, I start a new thread:

Please let us discuss about the backlink problem there. Here is the place to discuss about the Ajax PM Notification I think.


RE: Ajax PM Notification - spinning - 2009-04-01

I continue my question why I have got two times the pharma link.
I could 100% be possible that some part of my forum is not 100% clear.
For example the portal page and the indexpage has got some scripts take from the web, also the banner on the top of the page is done with frontpage. I was glad I have it this way.
My forum works 100% also there are some errors in codes.
Yesterday I deleted the double body from index, so 2 errors less.

This pahrma link was added in the footer, so I went to footer template but it is not there.
So still the question why two times and where is the code.
I also use the renagade theme that also add a link in the footer but that is only one time and that I could find in the footer template.

As I wrote earlier it is not that problem to have a pharma link there, but two times is too much.

RE: Ajax PM Notification - querschlaeger - 2009-04-01

My plugin do add only one link. There must be an error (template, other plugin?), because you have 2 footers.

I wrote you a pm...

RE: Ajax PM Notification - killed - 2009-04-03

Good, very good.

I was tried, thank you very much!

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Mr-Cute - 2009-04-20

hey man
i was having a problem with this plugin , but when i change my hosting working GREAT now but with new Users

i mean , when any new user Register in my forum its working great

but old Users Pm Notice don't appear

how can i force all member View This Plugin

RE: Ajax PM Notification - querschlaeger - 2009-04-21


that sounds curious... Hm, the plugin should replace the default mybb pm alert and so the ajax message depents on the setting "Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message" in UserCP.

Please check, if old members have set this option. Maybe you can set this value for all members with a db query.

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Mr-Cute - 2009-04-21

waw Big Grin working GREAT Big Grin Thx u
but i need tutorial how can i set this value by db query.