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RE: Ajax PM Notification - Salih I - 2010-11-18

a few suggestions:-
1) Try to add a "x" button on top-right corner or the message box. When the user clicks it, it just closes the notification.

2) Instead of showing "you have one unread private message", it should be the mybb default. which is "You have one unread private message titled xxxxx from yyyyy"

xxx = title of the PM
yyy = Sender's username
Click on the link should take you to the exact message, not the private.php link.

If more than 2 PM's are there "You have 2 new unread PM" and this should lead you to private.php

RE: Ajax PM Notification - hazy - 2011-09-25

Hate to bump this thread but I think I stumbled across a problem with the plugin?

I've noticed, at least for me, that the PM notifications don't display on index.php but everywhere else is fine. Before anyone says anything to me about my header, code etc - the default myBB PM notifications all render fine for me and that is what I have reverted back to for now, so in theory I can't see why this wouldn't work just the same considering no files had to be altered etc! Anyways, just wondering if others have noticed this too? Blush

RE: Ajax PM Notification - hamada27588 - 2011-09-29

Good plugin, i will try this now

RE: Ajax PM Notification - dhruvseth2002 - 2011-10-01

Where is download Link

RE: Ajax PM Notification - faviouz - 2011-10-01

(2009-03-29, 11:27 PM)querschlaeger Wrote: Ajax PM Notification Plugin for MyBB

RE: Ajax PM Notification - outlook - 2011-10-30

A message of ".AJAXPMNOTICE." constantly popup. How to fix it?

RE: Ajax PM Notification - amir_tara67 - 2011-12-13

Hi dear,
Nice plugin,
But it does not show in my forum. Although PM.PHP shows the alert.

What should I do ?


RE: Ajax PM Notification - Spudster - 2014-06-22

What template is it to edit the Notify Box?

Edit: Nevermind, managed to found them it was stored in pm.php

RE: Ajax PM Notification - Adzdon - 2014-09-10

I don't think this plugin works for 1.8, even though i added 1.8* in the compatibility?

RE: Ajax PM Notification - NomanProdhan - 2014-10-10

Can I use it on MyBB 1.8.0 ??