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Anything Goes!! - helpseeker - 04-05-2009

Name of Site: Anything Goes!!
Description: A General Chatter Forum with a major Game Section. You can talk about anything within the categories there. If there is something missing, just request it Smile

RE: Anything Goes!! - Shell - 04-05-2009

To be honest I don't like the theme Blush. Too red-dark. The banner is can also be re-done. And there are a lot of general forums. Why should I join your forum? You have already some active members I see Big Grin.

Good luck!

RE: Anything Goes!! - helpseeker - 04-05-2009

There are plenty more themes you can chose between in the user cp.

RE: Anything Goes!! - Shawn Gossman - 04-05-2009

The top links graphics dont match the theme and it makes them look cheap Sad

Other than that, the theme is nice Smile

RE: Anything Goes!! - x_Stricken_x - 04-05-2009

Not sure what to say. The theme is dull, at the same time as being too dark.

RE: Anything Goes!! - Combo - 04-08-2009

The theme is awful on the eyes. I closed the forum when I saw the combination of colours.

RE: Anything Goes!! - JKD - 04-12-2009

Lol! hacked!!

RE: Anything Goes!! - x_Stricken_x - 04-12-2009

(04-12-2009, 02:14 AM)JKD Wrote: Lol! hacked!!
?? The forum just isn't there..

RE: Anything Goes!! - JKD - 04-12-2009

I know!

RE: Anything Goes!! - Dalton - 04-12-2009