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Please Help! - rafiul - 2009-04-14

I Have Facing A Problem.On my index page i have these problems.image below..

[Image: uccpnlyxnrjun1g3mff8.jpg]

My Used Plugin:Announcements with Marquee,side boxes and

I use condition and vbnavbar.

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RE: Please Help! - Ryan Loos - 2009-04-14

Have you been editing .php files with Notepad?

If so, please download the original files and make the changes again with a text editor other than Notepad - such as Notepad++, Notepad2 or Wordpad, etc..

RE: Please Help! - rafiul - 2009-04-14

No I dont Edit Anything Manulay.I Used condition and vbnavbar and i put the function.php given with that plugin.first there is no problem.and now i have this problem.And if i put the original function.php file in inc\plugin the erorr gone.
I want to keep tha vbnavbar style.Please Help me.
thanx For Quick Reply.

Update: I HAve solve half of this problem.Now My Problem is only guest can see erorr.but member cant see any erorr.Example--

[Image: ptbj029vzik2uwf23z.jpg]

What I Have To Do..Pls Help.

RE: Please Help! - ghazal - 2009-04-14

just replace the class_session file with the default one,
Hope it will resolve it Smile