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Changed Over from SMF - gumleaf - 2005-11-26


Was having a lot of problems with SMF .. so changed over to MyBB .. Love it! Smile

There is no convertor so I had to add all the members and posts from the SMF board to MyBB by hand ! ... took DAYS !!!

My site is for Expats and travellers to Thailand. Its half forum .. half info pages. Have'nt added all the info pages from the old site yet .. getting there!

Heres the Url ..

Any criticism or suggestions will be appreciated ... thanx


RE: Changed Over from SMF - Bill - 2005-11-26

The template of the forum seems to be broken.

RE: Changed Over from SMF - gumleaf - 2005-11-26

Hmmm .. seems fine in Mozilla .. so on a hunch I checked it in IE6 which you must be using .. your right!

Back to the drawing board!!


RE: Changed Over from SMF - gumleaf - 2006-02-26

Haven't been here for a while .. but I noticed today in the server logs that someone accessed my site through this post.

Don't worry about checking my site for an Mybb forum .. I never solved the above problem and switched over to a XOOPS cms which has an integrated forum module.

I really liked MyBB .. but that problem above was a killer. I can see in the logs that about 90% of my visitors use that useless I.E 6 !

Big Grin