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Rct Stop - leatherface - 11-27-2005

This is my RollerCoaster Tycoon Fansite,

We offer the latest news, downloads, cheats, and forums!

Whats great about it is my forums are powerd by Mybb! Come check us now!

Main Site
Big Grin

RE: Rct Stop - RCTManiac - 11-27-2005

Cool,it's great to see another rct site,using mybb. Smile

RE: Rct Stop - Alan Crisp - 11-27-2005

Indeed, it's great to see that numerous sites about one of my favourite games of all time are using forums powered by MyBB. Smile

RE: Rct Stop - Alphonse - 11-27-2005

Yeah mybb is growing bigger each day, one day like more than 30% of phpbb users will be converting.

RE: Rct Stop - leatherface - 12-02-2005

^ thanks for the comments. I hope phpbb users convert to Mybb!

RE: Rct Stop - Simulationcity - 12-03-2005

My Rating of phpBB2 and MyBB using types of guns:

phpBB2: Bow and Arrow
MyBB: 50 Cal Gun

I'm not endorsing weapons here.