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Unity Security Force - tutmeister - 2009-05-18

USEC is a virtual military, which is basically a group of realism gamers who implement role-play into the game, so it appeals to people from various genres of gaming. We run a custom site for our members who use Flight Simulator and Armed Assault as their primary platform and we had huge trouble running phpBB3 on's grid service.

So I switched us over to MyBB as it seemed very stable and lightweight, yet powerful from my testing. I used woody as the base theme initially, as I'd never skinned a MyBB forum before. I cose it for it's transparent look and I then bent it to suit our requirements, until it no longer looks anything like woody and you'll see all images and code are now custom. I will be continuing to build on it as I get user feedback from our members, but would love some feedback from you guys:

I am aware that in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, it looks funky, but we don't have an issue with that, as the majority run IE8, opera, safari or firefox.

Thanks for your time.

RE: Unity Security Force - lufbra - 2009-05-18

The top (header part) and bottom (footer part) looks out of place against the rest of the forums.

RE: Unity Security Force - tutmeister - 2009-05-18

Yeah, a few guys commented on that....I'm thinking what to do with it but am having a bit of artistic block to be honest. Our logo is black and the only other color would be the brown you see on the topbar, which I thought about using as the header background and then making the topbar black too...but I didn't have time today to do that.

RE: Unity Security Force - Tim B. - 2009-05-19

Nice! I love the theme, looks fine IMO.

RE: Unity Security Force - tutmeister - 2009-06-29