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myBB Mobile Stats - Aaron - 2009-05-22

* MyBB Mobile Stats
* Fast loading forum statistics for mobiles.

If like me you have an older mobile phone that struggles to run the whole forums when you only want to check the forum statistics then this is for you, simply upload to your forums root directory.


RE: myBB Mobile Stats - TecDNA - 2009-05-23

lol nice but can you develop a plugin that will convert whole forum into wap site ?


RE: myBB Mobile Stats - ghazal - 2009-05-23

very good idea,
Thanks aron

RE: myBB Mobile Stats - Aaron - 2009-05-28

No worries, I am sure there is already someone working on something like this.

RE: myBB Mobile Stats - SoniQuake - 2009-07-02

Hey! It didn't work on my forum. There isn't value...

[Image: 1mas9.png]

RE: myBB Mobile Stats - Pars - 2009-07-02

upload file to root
then load file adress
XXXX.COM=site name (DOMAIN)