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Immortal Technique - Aaron - 2005-12-01

This is a forums for the music star Immortal Technique, coverted skin from a IPB one.

RE: Immortal Technique - IMPAQ - 2005-12-01

Very dark. Nice, but almost a little too dark.

Maybe you can administer his own forums... his forums were hacked somewhere around October 24 of this year.

RE: Immortal Technique - Aaron - 2005-12-01

they wernt the offical forums, and ive contacted the owner of them so who knows! i have offered.

RE: Immortal Technique - colinp - 2005-12-01

bit dark and the font is a tad small but looks nice and tidy

RE: Immortal Technique - Aaron - 2005-12-01

cheers for the comments colin.