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RE: CustoMyBB - Anman - 2009-06-06

I recommend, 36 a year and it comes with a domain. Unlimited space and 250GB bandwidth.

RE: CustoMyBB - brad-t - 2009-06-06

Safari can’t open the page.
Too many redirects occurred trying to open “”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.

RE: CustoMyBB - Tim B. - 2009-06-06

(2009-06-06, 05:55 PM)Anman Wrote:
I have used them to and have had no real problems.

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-06-07

Just out of curiosity; if I was interested in HostGator, and only really using max 5gb of space, are they a good choice?

I will consider every possibility, though.

RE: CustoMyBB - Anman - 2009-06-07

Well HostGator just buys hosting from theplanet, same with SoftLayer.

I'd go with something cheaper unless you have a job.

RE: CustoMyBB - Joshua Mayer - 2009-06-07

Since you are looking for a host, I recommend LunarPages Basic Hosting. It has heaps of diskspace and bandwidth and awesome service!

RE: CustoMyBB - -Prowler- - 2009-06-07

I'm using "freehostia" without any issues Toungue

RE: CustoMyBB - Matt - 2009-06-07

I found that to be incredibly slow the last time I used it... the site just took forever to load.

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-06-07

I was using FreeHostia, but they were beyond my capacity for slowness...

And thanks Josh, I think I'll go with that one. Now to get a PayPal account :| lol

RE: CustoMyBB - Cegaiga - 2009-06-07

Use some free hosting advertised on mybb.

Like createbb, etc Smile