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RE: CustoMyBB - macaws - 2009-07-21

Um... If you think that 5-25 dollars for a theme is crazy? Look at the vBulletin themes... Those are insane. Anyways, Scoutie's themes are worthy enough to be paid...

RE: CustoMyBB - HarryWx - 2009-07-22

I think if anyone on here doing MYBB themes Scoutie has the best potential for success with this. He unlike many others do atleast take peoples suggestions into consideration and thus goes the extra length to make a them work to everyones satifaction as much as possible. For this see his IPB theme. That btw is as well custom and something alot of people still know nothing about as well. Most important is his themes all work on all the main browsers which again is something that cant be said for a number of themes.

Anyways good luck with it Scoutie. My suggestion is to always keep a supply of free skins along with your custom/paid work as it gives you a chance to get better known.

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-07-22

Thanks, and I do hope to continue releasing free themes Smile

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-07-30

Just letting everyone know that I have purchased and successfully transferred CustoMyBB over to it's new home @

And also, a demo site for the free themes! URL:

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-08-12

Bump for an relaunch. Read first post for more info:

Anyways, criticism & comments wanted. Big Grin

RE: CustoMyBB - Diogo Parrinha - 2009-08-12

I love the default theme, awesome work!

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-08-12

Thanks! Big Grin

RE: CustoMyBB - Spyda - 2009-08-12

Very, very professional looking theme.

RE: CustoMyBB - Scoutie44 - 2009-08-13

(2009-08-12, 08:11 PM)Killswitch2 Wrote: Very, very professional looking theme.

Thanks Smile

RE: CustoMyBB - Lo. - 2009-08-20

Nice theme, very... Blue Toungue