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RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - destroyer - 2006-04-06

Wow, it doesn't stop mailing. :s

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-04-07

Quote:Wow, it doesn't stop mailing. :s

this is totaly busted Big Grin

Quote:My test user got 2 e-mails.
feasible, happened once! and only when editing your birthday at the sameday and from your usercp. however it happened once on this condition, and only once, and i can guarantee that it is not related to the mod itself.

nevertheless, i still want others to confirm what is happening to you, as i have test it on 3 different boards and on other's board, and none of what you have stated accured. So i need other people to confirm that.

For your condition, can you try it once again, and also try to send an normal email (the one in user profile) from your board and tell me if it sends it 2 times, do that espacially when you find email on birthday have sent 2 times the email.

N.B. Have you upgraded the Extra Statistics?


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - destroyer - 2006-04-07

It stopped mailing when I re-activated the plugin..

But this is weird: I send e-mails via the forum to myself, and I don't get them. :s

Upgraded to exs 2.1 indeed, working fine.

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - destroyer - 2006-04-07

Weird, a couple of minutes later, I'm now getting again a second message.

This is what I did: I set the birthday of my test person to "today" and activated the plugin. First message was gotten. I changed the message to send to users.. (and couple of minutes later I got a second mail).


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-04-07

Quote:I changed the message to send to users.. (and couple of minutes later I got a second mail).

This is not possible at all ,there is no relation between sending the mail and changing the content of that mail ( btw the the sec mail contained the previous message? or the new set one?)

i'll explaing a little why the systen can't send twice or more to each person by it self

Globaly the system will get from the database all today's birth who have the status of the bd message 0 (not sent)

it will send him a mail
it will update the field in the databe which has the status of the message to 1, like that when it checks again for today's birth with 0 statuts it doesn't consider the one who has just got an email.

later on when the date isn't equal to the the birthdate of this person, and that person has a status 1, it will be back to 0, as we are in a new day and we want him to get a message the next year.

so as u see the system cannot at all send twice, maybe it is a problem with your mail server, however i still insiste i want more confirmation so i can judje more correctly.

Quote:But this is weird: I send e-mails via the forum to myself, and I don't get them. :s
some clues

hopefully someone listens and test it Smile

many regards

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - destroyer - 2006-04-07

The second mail contained the new message. (Now I'm getting no more messages).

I'll ask my hosting admin for checking the mail-servers, then.

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-04-10

I'm gonna reveal the shad about the project i was working on since yesterday, and i have made a nice progress

Have a look at the screenshot
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2662]

I guess it explains much more than i will talk about, that's the new version of Easy Adv. Banner a totally rewritten code with a total different concept.
As you see from the Admin CP you are able to control everything related to these adds, you will not have to go and add codes anywhere in the templates. hide any whenever you want dont delete it just hide itBig Grin

And as usuall the adds will be displayed randomly on your board (with each refresh a new banner) where ever you wish.

I will stop at this point now, and keep some details for the releasingBig Grin maybe after couple of days

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - destroyer - 2006-04-10

Very nice.

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - Kimmo - 2006-04-12

I am thinking about a derivative from your birthdate reminder...I would like to have the system send automatically once a year a reminder to the user. This email would have something like this

Hello [username]

This is an automated message from [site name]. We are sending you this message as we have not seen you at the site since [$nicedate(lastlogin)].

We would like to just take this opportunity and verify your details with you so we know we're not sending our newsletter to the wrong place.

Here are the details as we have them now:

NAME: [fid32] [fid33]
USERNAME: [username]
TELEPHONE: [fidxx]
EMAIL: [email]

Please take a few minutes to login at [url] and check your details.

Best regards,

I would like this to be triggered when it's been 12 months since last login...or whatever time we this doable?


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-04-12

So you mean after a X period of inactivity this user should recieve a reminder.
That's easy! i hope i will find time to do it.
However i have already been thinking of a mod that automaticly deletes users afet X inactivity period.
thanks anyway for the idea.