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RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - destroyer - 2006-05-04

zaher1988 Wrote:ADDED

Count Forum Viewers
Shows how many are viewing a certain forum beside it on the index..

[Image: x1kaw5.jpg]

* Thanks for k776 for his permissions to develop his idea.

Is k776 back? :o

Besides, thanks for the new plugins, working great!

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-04

No he is not back.

But there was a thread asking for that, i made a quick code, then i decided to make a plugin for that perpose, then my connection went off for 2 days, i came back to discover that k776 has already made a code modification for that thing long ago. and while i had mine ready as a plugin with additional settings and features, i needed to publish that but i couldn't due to k776 right, so i had to contact him and he agreed.Smile


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - DIRAL - 2006-05-04

thx for coun forum viewers

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-05

Hello there,

Umm Manage Inactive Memebers should be out very soon, it is done but i'm doing more testing to ensure that no harm will affect anyone's members list.

The plugin actually has these features:
  • Sends a custom message to members who have not logged in or have 0 posts since dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Delete member who have received a message but haven't logged in since dd-mm-yyyy (a date after the sending of message).
  • Prompts the admin to whether delete after the specified date without sending a mail, or send him/her a mail then later on delete, or just send an email.
  • Auto prune for zero poster after date dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Zero poster will also be mailed if sending mail first is enabled.
  • dates specified by the admin will increment automaticly one date after each new day.
  • Message and its subject can be modifed upon user request, and it enables using {username}, {date} referring to the date since inactivity etc...

This is in a brief.

But because the plugin involves DELETING, i'm patient before releasing it, just to do furthur testings and to limit threats.

Now, if any of you in intersted in testing the beta version, that would be so apreciated, I will send you a version to test it, you are free to test it the place you want.
In case i find some people who are interested, that desciption and how to use will be done in a day, note that it is important to read that file before using the plugin.


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - destroyer - 2006-05-05

I'll be waiting for it, but don't have a test board.

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-23

Thank you mod should be released tomorow, however have a look at the little movie here, it shows the different features.

Sorry for the quality, but i needed to save space.


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - Kimmo - 2006-05-24

I am thinking about a derivative from your birthdate reminder...I would like to have the system send automatically once a year a reminder to the user. This email would have something like this

Hello [username]

This is an automated message from [site name]. We are sending you this message as we have not seen you at the site since [$nicedate(lastlogin)].

We would like to just take this opportunity and verify your details with you so we know we're not sending our newsletter to the wrong place.

Here are the details as we have them now:

NAME: [fid32] [fid33]
USERNAME: [username]
TELEPHONE: [fidxx]
EMAIL: [email]

Please take a few minutes to login at [url] and check your details.

Best regards,

I would like this to be triggered when it's been 12 months since last login...or whatever time we this doable?



was just wondering if you had thought about this any further??


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-24

Hey kimmo, well just read 2 posts back from here and you understand. I need to do futhure testings, if you want you can help, because the mod is "dangerous" if it has a bug.


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - Kimmo - 2006-05-24

sorry....was just browsing through my own 'open' posts and didn't see that one.....
looks good....although personally I have no intention to ever delete anyone from the system as it is an alumni-database...I will just proceed to mark people 'lost' or 'deceased' main interest is in having the system send emails to people who haven't logged in for a certain period of time...


PS. as for testing...I will see if I can set up another copy of my current setup....don't feel like messing up the 'live' site with over 20,000 users...this might take some time though as we recently have a second baby in the my extra time is going towards the v2.0 and v3.0

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-24


Thanks You 1.0

[Image: 10mr51w.jpg]

[Image: 10mr6vl.jpg]