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RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - DrPoodle - 2006-05-24

Zaher, for some reason your "redirect" thing did not work on my forum, but I managed to fix it:

		} else {
			redirect("showthread.php?tid=$tid&pid=$pid#pid$pid", $lang->thx_error);

		} else {
			redirect("showthread.php?tid=$tid&pid=$post[pid]#pid$post[pid]", $lang->thx_error);

Not sure why it didn't work in the first place, but it would come up with urls like: "showthread.php?tid=1515&pid=#pid"

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-24

it is already fixed, you have an old version. 5 mins elder Toungue heheh

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - DrPoodle - 2006-05-24

I'll upload the new version then :p

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - Mp3ManiA - 2006-05-25

Thanks for "Thanks Mode v1.0"

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - DHC - 2006-05-27

Can the Easy Advertisement Banner mod accept HTML code such as Google AdSense??

Also - any chance the mod could be enhanced to count the number of times the banner is displayed - and the number of times someone clicks on it?? It would GREATLY enhance the ability to use this mod to sell ad space.


- Dan

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-05-28

Hello there,

Google adsense isn't yet officially supported by EAB 2.0, however I had a idea in mind, but I didn't have the chance to test it. It is that as you know you can select the extensions you want from the settings part, so if you allow php(.php) or JS and try them in a way where the finall return in the url of the image, i guess that will work, not prety sure. However I have in mind that the next version should have a good easy setting to have google adsense displayed using EAB 2.0.

For the sec question, the plugin already counts the times the banner was displayed, however it doesnt' count how many click, also that should be in the next version.


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - dylantp - 2006-06-10


"Easy Adv. Banner" is a good plugin.
How about to add a function to caculate click-number about banner?

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-06-13

Hello there,

1st sorry for not reply before.
Sec, Easy Adv. Banner 3 should have this, along several other nice features, however I had a long break since i last came here, and i guess now as i'm back, i need to start making my plans again.


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - Oded Dwek - 2006-06-14

zaher1988 i see that you no have idea for mods.
please can you make now the CS mod? Smile

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-06-14

I know this, well actually no didn't guess it, it is just i dont have time, i have lots of ideas.

However this mod exactly was planned to be codded by me and smethead, however it seems smethead will not mod for mybb anymore. so it is my duty right now.