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RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2005-12-16

Ok guys!! now Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Panel is working again!!and tested for 10 times. there is something you should take note of , is that <a href="javascript:expandCollapse should not have space between java and script, but as when we put it between the code format i dont know why it happen and a space between accurs, so make sure to remove that space.


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - magoonz - 2005-12-17


k776 has a mod called Welcome Panel, so you might want to change Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Panel to Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Block

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2005-12-17

Ok guys!! hey

I have converted the Advanced Navigation Bar Into a Plug-in.
And i have added a new Plug-in call Easy Adv. Banner.
Collapssing / Expanding Welcome Panel will be released soon as plug-in.

To Check them, point to the 1st post.

Btw magoonz k776's plugin called welcome panel [index] / [global] mine is called Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Panel , and welcome panel actually name of that thing actually.(it also can be called welcome block).

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2005-12-18

Ok guys i have added one more code modification called

Advanced User CP Home

check it out in the 1st post


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - nitemare - 2005-12-19

you copyed 2 of my mods Sad

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2005-12-19

hey nitemare, umm sorry

but more than one person has an avatar caption each on his own way.
and the Ad thingy is also working different than your,

actually i have seen your mods before i made mine!! but i found that each has it's unique way of functining !! for example your Ad manager works with sql whereas mine is just 1 php file. and the avatar caption is installed different way than mine .

sorry again for the same name!! but i think urs may fit some user and mine othersSmile

deal :Big Grin

I have published today a mod called Enhaced Index Stats, check it up (dont worry it's not as the one smethead hasWink Smile


RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - amnhak - 2005-12-20

Thanks. this mods is vey good!

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2005-12-22

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - RaptorMoonX - 2005-12-28

I have a question concerning the Fastest Avatar Caption mod. How the heck does that work? I tried following the instructions and I'm totally lost. >_<

RE: Zaher1988's Mods List - zaher1988 - 2006-01-04

ow hey !!

sorry for the late reply , i was away in vacation

umm u only need to add a custom profile field called Caption that's it Smile