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RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - Martin M. - 2006-11-29

Don't ask questions about these plug-ins when you are using versions above 1.1.x, these plug-ins does not work on newer versions.

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - CarlosC - 2006-11-29

Yikes. Didn't even notice the first post mentionin that. But I could swear in another forum (mods forum?) that both plugins worked/were tested with 1.2.1. Hmm..

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2007-02-08

Hello all,

I, through the past week, have worked on upgrading some of the most important and relevant plugins and finaly coming up with 11 finished plugins.
Of course those were planned to be developed before however my work on Zvoters has consumed big time.

First of all, before listing the plugins i'd like to draw the kind attention of those who have already updated some of my plugins, with informing me and especialy those who haven't contacted me moreover those who have upgraded plugins that didn't require alot of recoding, that i prefer if you withdraw them for now as i have developed them now and they are considered the official.
If you'd like to know more, PM me.

Easy Adv. Banner 3.0
What's new?
It now records clicks.
Compatible with 1.2.x

[Image: 29zx6px_th.jpg]

Extra Statistics 3.1.2

Thank You 2.0
What's New?
Developed with Ajax capabilities.

[Image: 47mattl_th.jpg]

[Image: 4ccbec3_th.jpg]

Show Unanswered Threads 2.0

Subforums Columns 2.0

Additional Groups Images 2.0

Contact+ 3.0
What's new?
Captcha verification image to overcome the mass mailling abuse.

[Image: 29cvpcx_th.jpg]

User Activity location in profile 2.0

Count Forum Viewers 2.0

Groups Legend 2.0

Country Flag in Postbit 2.0

Those plugins that do not have anything new, has reserved the previous features, means no features were deducted from them.

Any body who is interested in translating the plugins you are so welcomed, visit here.


RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - DragonFever - 2007-02-08

Great works..

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - westside159 - 2007-02-08

wow... nice mods... thanks Smile

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - sens - 2007-02-08

weLcome again zeher1988,
you have great works but subforum columns, contact+ and count forum wievers has been turned. what is your roLLing back again.

CFV >> |Dragon Fever
SBC >> | Me |
Contact+ >> | Me |

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - pepotiger - 2007-02-08

You Just done with great work Zaher (lol I slove it Toungue ), But I have a little request if you can, I need the contact plugin to send the messages as HTML text not plain, you know the problem with the arabic font's!! would you try to do this whene you have the time please?

thnx mate

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - zaher1988 - 2007-02-08

Sens i have contacted  you in this regard just today as you were releasing these plugins. Im sorry to say that i prefer if you don't keep them. Those plugins did not have to be recoded a lot, The code are somehow just a copy, I mean even the readme is somehow just a copy, and people can compare i guess.

In Anyway both of those which you have upgraded, lack features that i have included in my official releases, for example Contact+ has image verification.

So what do you think ?


pepotiger first of all Toungue i guess you are an arab and you can read my name very well not Zahira, this is if you weren't poking fun or somethingWink Toungue LOL.. anyway i will check this out soon.

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - pepotiger - 2007-02-08

looooooooooool sorry Zaher, It's my eyes problem lol sorry bro.
I'm waiting you thnx once more

RE: Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List - Cool_Guy - 2007-02-08

It's cool, Zaher. Smile I installed the EXTRA stats, and the banner. I have a sujestion, allow ppl to add links to the banner mod, and make it an ads mod, rather than just banner mod. I would like to count how many clicks I have on my text ads, and disable them. Thar would make it really cool. Smile