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DAJ_Glass! - gusto5 - 2005-12-14

Horray! After a bit of hard work, i have converted DAJ Glass by Dustin Baccetti.

Special thanks to Finder/Kevin S. For helping with the tables.

gusto5/Stephen C.

Download Is Here

RE: DAJ_Glass! - Aaron - 2005-12-14

nice theme Smile!

RE: DAJ_Glass! - KURTAY - 2005-12-14

Reaaly goood

RE: DAJ_Glass! - Technik - 2005-12-14

I love it your awesome at converting man. WOW
Think you could show me a few techniques in converting skin exactly?

RE: DAJ_Glass! - Paultiscali - 2005-12-14

This is a awersome template skin and when i used to have a phpbb forum on my website that was the template i always used

RE: DAJ_Glass! - Oded Dwek - 2005-12-14

the MyBB Skin ever!
for mybb final?

RE:  DAJ_Glass! - Paultiscali - 2005-12-14

darkid Wrote:the MyBB Skin ever!
for mybb final?

This skin should be added to the offical mybb mods website

RE: DAJ_Glass! - gusto5 - 2005-12-14

darkid Wrote:the MyBB Skin ever!
for mybb final?

yep. and ill throw it to the mods site...when its up and running (cant access it from here...)

and if someone could suggest another one for me, cause there are too many themes to look through Big Grin

RE: DAJ_Glass! - Idren - 2005-12-14

I get this when importing:

mySQL error: 1136
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Query: INSERT INTO mybb_templates (title,template,sid,version,status,dateline) VALUES ('','forumdisplay_subforums','$forums
  	$lang->forumbit_forum 	$lang->forumbit_threads 	$lang->forumbit_posts 	$lang->forumbit_lastpost


RE: DAJ_Glass! - gusto5 - 2005-12-14