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Web Services - Josherz - 08-03-2009

Site Name: Web Services
Site URL:
Description: A forum were you can get free installations, promotion, graphics, mybb themes.
What we install
Forums: MyBB, SMF
Blogs: Wordpress
More soon
Your Name on the Board: Josherz


RE: Web Services - -Prowler- - 08-04-2009

Theme looks default including the header.

sidebar longer than the postbit...and is all your content legal, all the images you plan on having ect?

RE: Web Services - Lo. - 08-04-2009

Why do you have another forum at ?

RE: Web Services - Josh G - 08-04-2009

You should move your Introduction and Off Topic forums into a seperate category.
I like that new theme by the way. Toungue

RE: Web Services - Josherz - 08-04-2009

Josh thanks for the advice and theme

T0m i have no idea what you mean, i dont have another forum there

Prowler the content is legal

RE: Web Services - Lo. - 08-04-2009

You do. Its a support forum. Untless your on a host?

RE: Web Services - Josherz - 08-04-2009

Yeah thats the host

RE: Web Services - Lo. - 08-04-2009

Ah nevermind then.