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[ASK] Theme problem - n4is3n - 2009-09-02

forum logo is not in right place. and blocking USER CP link... SadSad

Just see this...

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - exdiogene - 2009-09-02

It would be quite helpfull if we were able to SEE the forum or even the website main page!

I tried 3 times to load and even after at least 15 minutes of waiting time each time, the main page index.jpg was loaded at no more than 80%.

For the forum at it was impossible to load.

Ping time average of 311ms.

You should consider a more efficient hosting place or reduce the images size and number.

Your host "" take less than 15 seconds to load. Wink

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - n4is3n - 2009-09-02


There's no problem with my hosting...
In here... it load less than 10 second... Smile

Maybe u should check your internet connection... Smile

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - exdiogene - 2009-09-02

I have a 7Mbit ADSL connection that download at an average rate of 600KBytes per second.

I have no problem accessing any site around the world, except your own.

Like i have mentioned before "Your host "" take less than 15 seconds to load", so it is not logical to tell me that it is my internet connection.

It is not because you access it localy, with no problems, in Indonesia that the rest of the world can access it as well...

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - n4is3n - 2009-09-02


i think u dont understand what is my question... "[ASK] Theme problem" not "[ASK] Host problem"... Smile

please read once again for more detail... Smile

ok... i know u try to promote that hosting company, but sorry... i'm not interested...

i can accses my forum, so my friends too...

i have no idea about your computer... it's weird... Smile

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - AndrewPH - 2009-09-02

your forum keeps loading.. Smile

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - exdiogene - 2009-09-02

Young lady,

first, i am not promoting any host, i am only telling that your website IP belong to, so they should be your host.

Second, i was trying to help you about your "forum logo is not in right place", but since you did not included an attachment image it is impossible to see what the problem is, even more if your site is unaccessible from here.

I am in Canada and cannot access your site even after waiting more than 15 minutes. I tried with an American Proxy and was not able to access it at all after many tries, then i tried to access it with a France Proxy and was able to access it once after 5 tries and more than 4 minutes of waiting to see the forum content.

I know about internet operations, HTTP and TCP-IP protocols, since i was creating network protocols while you were not even born...

So please try to understand what i am telling you and not anything else.

I hope someone would decide to help you, for me i give up... Sad

RE: [ASK] Theme problem - n4is3n - 2009-09-02

Thanks for your high quality answer. It really helps me... Smile