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Pages: 1 2 - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - btraill - 2009-10-11

[Image: logo.png]


Currently my little mini-project. I'm extremely known and reputable in the intangible goods market online and thus, I have decided to make something of my own. I hope to get some more traffic within this next coming week, however, that's one of my lacking areas; I suck at advertising and getting members.

The header was made by, x Raven x. Thanks again!

And there was a lot of help by compwhizii! I couldn't have fixed some of my stuff without your help, bud!

Just a little insight on one of my unique tweaks and ideas put to use.

Verified Usergroup is a subscription, when purchased it automatically puts you into the usergroup. This usergroup is the only user group who can warrant reputation points. Why did I do this? So there's a more meaningful tone for an actual rep point. Whereas, most sites just spill rep everywhere.

For users who are not Verified, they're welcome to create a Feedback thread where their business can leave comments on how it was conducted.

I'm open to all criticism. Fire away!

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - Elegant Totality - 2009-10-11

Is it all intangible Buying/Selling/Trading? Is there a place for tangible items? Oh, and I love the whole look =) Clean and organized, great job Wink I'll be joining in moments

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - Zash - 2009-10-11

Nice skin, and I see you already got members. Good luck Smile

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - btraill - 2009-10-11

Elegant Totality,

I'd love to include Tangible items. I deal with them all the time, however, there always seems to be a lack of interest.

I'll add a forum for it, though! Smile
Just got the Group Images all done with. I hope to start some advertising soon.
Anymore criticism?

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - btraill - 2009-10-14

Added side boxes. Should I remove them or keep them?

I need more criticism!

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - Jakee - 2009-10-14

Keep, i think it fits well with the forum.

Looks like nice forum, i signed up Smile

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - btraill - 2009-10-15

Thanks Smile

I need moar* criticism!

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - lufbra - 2009-10-15

The Categories are set up wrong, your forum is about trading, so the trading categories should be the most important therefore be above any other categories.

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - btraill - 2009-10-15

Indeed. I was thinking about that too, previous to launching it. However, the non-trading forums are the least most used until I get a solid member flow. Having the least populated forums at the top, gives off a negative activity vibe.

RE: - Buy/Sell/Trade Community - lufbra - 2009-10-15

Quote:Having the least populated forums at the top, gives off a negative activity vibe.

What does that mean, I don't understand that at all?

I also don't understand why you have a forum for banned "members", especially as it's showing "publicly". If you need such a forum, create it just for the Admin/Moderators and Banned members to see.