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myBB Gamer (UPDATED 19/02/11) - Aaron - 2009-11-09

Latest Release: v1.0.2 (28th July 2010)

The theme is now complete and can be downloaded either from the myBB Mods site (once validated). Or from myBB Plus. It comes with the full theme along with a PSD for the button and header logo. Enjoy!

Preview Images


Download (V.1.0.4 19/02/11) (link will be working again when verified)

[Image: btn_donate_LG.gif]

RE: mybbgamer [WIP] - Lo. - 2009-11-09


RE: mybbgamer [WIP] - Aaron - 2009-11-09

Updated images in first post.

RE: mybbgamer [WIP] - Joshee - 2009-11-09

Very nice theme.

RE: mybbgamer [WIP] - Aaron - 2009-11-09

Thanks, working on the button set now, this theme will have all custom or updated images (to fix the white dots on the gif files that come with mybb).
Updated with button ideas. thoughts?

RE: mybbgamer [WIP] - x-Treme - 2009-11-10

I'm eager to see how this theme progresses

RE: mybbgamer [WIP] - Jessie S. - 2009-11-10


RE: myBB Gamer [DEMO AVAILABLE] - Aaron - 2009-11-10

Demo is now up, please join and test for me Smile

RE: myBB Gamer [DEMO AVAILABLE] - Lithium - 2009-11-10

I think you should do something to the NAV buttons on hover. Maybe highlight or something Smile

RE: myBB Gamer [DEMO AVAILABLE] - Aaron - 2009-11-10

Cool, feel free to sign up and test, post any ideas there.