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RE: [Release 1.4/1.6] Thank You/Like System (Update: v1.2 Released) - jameel225 - 2011-04-19

yes i have also problem in firefox..

RE: [Release 1.4/1.6] Thank You/Like System (Update: v1.2 Released) - RocketFoot - 2011-04-21

Yeah, Firefox just spins when you click like or unlike. Page refresh changes the status but otherwise, it spins indefinitely.

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3 (Updated: 04/21/2011) - - G33K - - 2011-04-22

Update released! Please check first post for details.

To upgrade:
- Deactivate old version first! (Make a note of your settings or any custom template edits you made)
- Upload new version, overwriting old files
- Install/Activate new version
- Check your settings and any custom edits you may have made.

Change Log:
Version 1.3 (04/21/2011)
- Fixed issues with MyBB v1.6.3 and the new prototype version that comes with it
- Backward compatible with 1.4 now: Fixed the issue with the search on 1.4
- Added Online Activity to the search page, no more Unknown Location
- Removed the uninstaller. Now if you want to completely remove the thanks including the data from the database, you'll need to edit the plugin file and uncomment the lines in the Uninstall function, otherwise only settings and template edits are removed.
- Improvements: Huge reduction in SQL queries, Better template editing, Settings do not get removed on deactivation
- Other minor bug fixes.

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3 (Updated: 04/21/2011) - roldan - 2011-04-22

after upgrading, postbit_author_users template has no thanks variable, also in postbit threres no thanks details, what is the variable for thanks?
So that i will edit it manually

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3 (Updated: 04/21/2011) - - G33K - - 2011-04-22

These are for v1.2 but since the templates are the same for 1.3 they should work.

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3 (Updated: 04/21/2011) - RocketFoot - 2011-04-22

I'm just using LIKE in 2 forums but there is no change after upgrading to 1.3. The spinner still just spins after clicking like or unlike. You have to refresh the page to make it stop. I had this problem before and had to add the bit into postbit_classic but it seems to be there now!

<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}" cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}" class="tborder" style="{$post_extra_style} {$post_visibility}" id="post_{$post['pid']}">
		<td class="{$altbg}" width="15%" valign="top" style="white-space: nowrap; text-align: center;"><a name="pid{$post['pid']}" id="pid{$post['pid']}"></a>
		<strong><span class="largetext">{$post['profilelink']}</span></strong><br />
		<span class="smalltext">

			{$post['useravatar']}<br />
                        {$post['usertitle']}<br />

	<td class="{$altbg}" valign="top">
		<table width="100%">
			<tr><td>{$post['posturl']}<span class="smalltext"><strong>{$post['icon']}{$post['subject']} {$post['subject_extra']}</strong></span>
			<br />
			{$post['bubble_cll']}<div class="triangle-border top"><div id="pid_{$post['pid']}" style="padding: 5px 0 5px 0;">
			<div style="text-align: right; vertical-align: bottom;" id="post_meta_{$post['pid']}">
				<div id="edited_by_{$post['pid']}">{$post['editedmsg']}</div>
	<td class="{$altbg}" style="white-space: nowrap; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle;"><span class="smalltext">{$post['onlinestatus']}{$post['postdate']} {$post['posttime']}</span></td>
	<td class="{$altbg}" style="vertical-align: middle;">
		<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
			<tr valign="bottom">
				<td align="left" ><span class="smalltext">{$post['button_email']}{$post['button_pm']}{$post['button_www']}{$post['button_find']}{$post['button_rep']}</span></td>
				<td align="right">{$post['button_tyl']}{$post['button_edit']}{$post['button_quickdelete']}{$post['button_quote']}{$post['button_multiquote']}{$post['button_report']}{$post['button_warn']}{$post['button_reply_pm']}{$post['button_replyall_pm']}{$post['button_forward_pm']}{$post['button_delete_pm']}</td>

<tr style="{$post['tyl_display']}" id="tyl_{$post['pid']}">


RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3 (Updated: 04/21/2011) - - G33K - - 2011-04-22

Crap! Bug!

This should affect only those using Like. Thank You part is fine. Nevertheless, will release a fix in a few minutes.


Update released v1.3.1, check first post.

Note: If you had already upgraded to 1.3 then you don't have to deactivate the plugin, just overwrite the files with the new ones and you should be good to go.

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3.1 (Updated: 04/22/2011) - jameel225 - 2011-04-22

thanks a lot sir ..working fine with now ..

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3.1 (Updated: 04/22/2011) - RocketFoot - 2011-04-22

Works good here too! Thanks G33K!

RE: [1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.3.1 (Updated: 04/22/2011) - dixslacker - 2011-06-07

plugin not show in showtread ..please help me..thx man

[Image: 20110608010627.png]

Problem solved Big Grin