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RE: Xbox Converted - gusto5 - 2006-08-15

Superman Wrote:
gusto5 Wrote:i did, im stephen chan, or gusto5. i asked Scott Stubblefield from prior to converting back in November of 2005.

I see. Hell, I cant remember back that far. Very well then. Big Grin

Please be sure some form of credit and a link to my site is in it somewhere.

Also, I just made an Xbox 360 template you may prefer:


great! yeah, there's a link at the bottom with the copyright stuff Smile

RE: Xbox Converted - godwin - 2006-10-12

hi, can you ajust this style to work in mybb 1.2.1?

RE: Xbox Converted - Talion - 2006-10-12

I'm using the attached version with mybb 1.2.1
Since I don't have much time for adjusting, it's not perfect, but it works for me. There are some minor customisations included which you might want to revert.

RE: Xbox Converted - godwin - 2006-10-13

hey cool, this theme works fine. but i cant see my logo anymore. what did you changed? cant find the reason.

RE: Xbox Converted - Talion - 2006-10-13

Insert something like
<div class="logo"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/index.php"><img src="{$theme['logo']}" alt="{$mybb->settings['bbname']}" /></a></div>
in Template "header"

(Other changes are in header_welcomeblock_guest, header_welcomeblock_member, post_attachments_new.)

RE: Xbox Converted - godwin - 2006-10-14

thank you! but with this theme i cant see the who was online plugin from CraKteR. do you know why?

RE: Xbox Converted - Martin M. - 2006-10-14

Isn't this theme for 1.1? 0.o My plug-in is for 1.2.x 0.o

RE: Xbox Converted - godwin - 2006-10-14

First thank you very much for this plugin!
Talion made changes that the theme works with 1.2.1.
What lines in the .xml are missing to make it work with the plugin?

RE: Xbox Converted - Martin M. - 2006-10-14

You are welcomed.

Go to Admin CP -> Templates -> Modify / Delete -> *your template* -> Index Page Templates -> expand -> index
Add below:
Should also work if you deactivate and activate the plugin again.