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More Fonts...? - Silver~ - 2009-12-28

Hello, I just want to know if they know how to put more fonts which are already
and I need to put several, including: Comic Sans Ms; Century; Ghothic Century
among other
or if you can not, will they be in the new version of MyBB (1.6)?


RE: More Fonts...? - Josh G - 2009-12-29

Lines 66-74 in ./jscripts/editor.js
// Defines an array of fonts to be shown in the font drop down.
		this.fonts = new Object();
		this.fonts["Arial"] = "Arial";
		this.fonts["Courier"] = "Courier";
		this.fonts["Impact"] = "Impact";
		this.fonts["Tahoma"] = "Tahoma";
		this.fonts["Times New Roman"] = "Times New Roman";
		this.fonts["Trebuchet MS"] = "Trebuchet MS";
		this.fonts["Verdana"] = "Verdana";

I'm sure there is more I just didn't really look hard. That should have something to do with it, though.

RE: More Fonts...? - Silver~ - 2010-01-02

Thankyou very much

RE: More Fonts...? - faviouz - 2010-01-02

Most likely it won't be changed in 1.6. Comic Sans is so ugly, it doesn't fit into a forum system. Add them if you like. And fonts aren't really something that makes MyBB better, so no matter what the font is, it probably won't be added.

And please note there are fonts which aren't pre-installed in the OS, so non-Windows users might need to install them. And also just for curiosity, why do you want extra fonts? I rarely see anyone using the other available fonts. So unless it's for some kind of game, they're useless.

RE: More Fonts...? - Jammerx2 - 2010-01-02

It probably wouldn't be hard to create a way to add fonts from the admincp.

RE: More Fonts...? - Zash - 2010-01-02

If anything, I may actually disable font changes on my forums.